Support us

We are fortunate to have loyal supporters who, while not singers themselves, are active members of The Ravenswood Singers. They help us in a number of important ways.


Every year Patrons receive:

Patrons then enjoy a buffet supper with wine, tea and coffee. The events are always well-attended and enjoyed as much by the choir as the Patrons themselves.

Please see the Contact page for details on how to become a patron.


Maybe you aren’t a singer but would still like to take an active part in our productions. A warm welcome will be given to people who can help backstage during concerts.

If you have stage management or lighting skills we would like to hear from you. Or if you are artistic, clever at sewing, or woodwork, we welcome help with costumes and stage props. Perhaps you could help transport props and costumes to venues. These are all ways in which people help towards our performances.

Please see the Contact page for details of how to become a helper.